Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind

Most of you in this health-savvy audience already know that toxicity is a major contributor to ill health.  And many of you understand clearly that you can reduce your body’s inflammation with detoxification.  What many of you, however, may not be aware of is the ubiquity of our toxic exposure and the multitude of subtle manifestations of toxicity in our everyday lives.  And most important is that fad detoxification diets can actually do more harm than good to the body.

In this morning’s limited time frame I will explain the danger in those detox myths and give you an opening to a new safe and scientific approach to detoxification.

Whether you are experiencing less energy during the day or noticing that you’re packing on extra pounds every year, most people do not recognize these common symptoms as signs of toxicity.  The truth is that the average person accumulates more than 700 harmful toxic chemicals in his or her body, which can slow metabolism and fog the mind, and make us fat, sick, and tired.

Health Begins With Clean Cells
Our cells must have the resources they need to function, repair and detoxify themselves.

When our cells are deprived of necessary nutritional resources or become inflamed or toxic, we lose the ability to heal and detoxify ourselves.

How the Body Detoxifies Itself
Specialized cells called mitochondria make energy.   Using a complex process, these cells convert glucose into energy. When cells are toxic, they’re deprived of oxygen and the process becomes nineteen times less efficient.

To understand this better, imagine what it be like if your car only got two miles to the gallon instead of thirty-eight. You would need nineteen times the amount of gas to go the same distance.

Luckily, the solution in the form of a well-thought-out detoxification program is straightforward, and far simpler than you may think.

On Friday’s show I interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, M.D. We discussed a safe and simple program based on everyday choices that you can make to help you avoid toxins in the environment, and safely and efficiently remove those toxins from your body.

This plan is not based on the much-touted water or lemonade fasting diets. These nonscientific approaches to detox are dangerous!  Too rapid detoxification can result in slowing down metabolism, stressing and even injuring critical detox organs, resulting in the actual destruction of muscle tissue.

Dr. Morrison’s plan is based on a scientifically proven nutritional strategy involving an “elimination diet” designed to jumpstart your body’s natural detoxification.  Surprise! There is no fasting, drinking odd concoctions or counting calories. Dr. Morrison emphasizes that detoxing is a process, not an event, a continuous cleansing process with continuous improvements.

It’s important, before you begin this detox process, to fill out a symptom- specific questionnaire that allows you to tailor the program to your body’s unique needs. The elimination diet markedly resembles the classic “Mediterranean diet” or Paleolithic diet that I’ve so often discussed.  It’s organic wherever possible, heavily emphasizing green vegetables with moderate quantities of quality proteins, (yes, I said proteins even in a detox) and of course, above all, devoid of processed foods, sugars, dairy, wheat and preservatives.

For a greater understanding of this safe, effective and very doable program of detoxification, I would recommend Dr. Morrison’s book, “Cleanse your Body, Clear your Mind,” and an introduction to the contents of the book can be gained by listening to a replay of last Friday’s show on June 19th ”Take Charge of Your Health,” 1 to 2 PM on WBAI’s archives, where I do an extensive interview with Dr. Morrison.